Diet Personality

Do you know what your diet personality is? Take this quiz and you'll find out. No 2 people are alike and neither are their diet personalities. Who are you when it comes to your diet, isn't it time you stopped experimenting and found out what works?

I am a weight loss consultant and have found that most people fall into 3 basic categories when it comes to nutrition and exercise. Some people kill themselves in the gym and others are killing themselves growing moss on the couch. I can help you thin or not ,to improve your health !

Created by: Jami
  1. Describe your Diet
  2. I have a support system
  3. I think my biggest weight loss road block is
  4. My energy level is
  5. Describe your current activity level
  6. My weight loss goal is to
  7. My motivation to be healthier is
  8. My body shape is
  9. I am a
  10. I have a

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