Are you healthy or on a diet?

There are many people who may be on a diet or is healthy, but what do those two words mean? Lets first start off with healthy. "Healthy" means to be eating foods that are good for your nutrition, and will get you on a balanced diet. While "On a diet" means that you like to eat foods that are not included from the food pyramid, such as sugary snacks, microwaveable foods, fast food, soda, etc.

How "healthy" or "on a diet" are you? Do you have any good or bad eating habits for your body? Do you like to exercise, floss and/or brush your teeth daily/all the time? Or probably you have a heavy weight or height, and are you in perfect shape? For all these answers, please take this 10 questioned-quiz to find out if you are Very healthy or on a diet. Thank you for your convenience.

Created by: Robert J. Derricks

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  1. Which of these eating habits most likely fit you?
  2. Do you often brush and/or floss daily?
  3. Are you skinny/thin or thick?
  4. Which of these kind of foods from the food pyramid do you prefer?
  5. Speaking of the food pyramid from the previous question, do you always eat it?
  6. At your school, do you pick the foods from the food pyramid for lunch, or do your friends do?
  7. At your house, do you and your family pick the foods from the food pyramid?
  8. Do you like going to fast food restaurants?
  9. When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you think of being fat and/or skinny?
  10. Lastly, How heavy is your height and weight?

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Quiz topic: Am I healthy or on a diet?