What Type Of Horse Rider Are You?

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There are many types of horse riders. They can be dumb riders or smart riders. That's not why I am here. But it is the truth. You wil just have to face it one day!

So truly what type of horse rider are you. A jumper. Or a grouch that is just taking this quiz for popularity! Hmm well... Answer me... I don't like being ignored ANSWER MEEEEE.

Created by: bubbal
  1. Hello and welcome to my quiz!
  2. Your favorite horse breed is...
  3. You would name your horse...
  4. You are looking for horses to buy... You buy...
  5. Random question.
  6. You would rather ride at...
  7. Your favorite sport is...
  8. Rawr rawr
  9. What if I told you the random questions affected your resolts?
  10. So how are you dealing with the news?

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Horse Rider am I?