Which Canterwood Horse Are You?

Canterwood Crest is a beautiful, expensive boarding school. Students are there only by invitation. Canterwood specializes in wonderful riding. Each rider there has a LOT of talent.

Which Canterwood Crest horse are you? Are you a sharp, refined show horse or a super sweet gelding? Are you easy to handle or giving your rider trouble?

Created by: Haley
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  1. It's your last practice before a big show. Do you choose to take a relaxing trail ride or use the session to work on your skills?
  2. You're finally getting a horse of your own! Sadly, your parents can only spend $500 to buy your horse/pony. You buy...
  3. The color of your dream horse...
  4. Your best friend is...
  5. *Pretend* you're an experienced Western rider with a fancy, well trained Western show horse. What is your best outfit for BIG shows???
  6. English or Western? 0_0
  7. What outfit do you wear around the barn?
  8. Your horse is lame. For your riding lesson, you have to pick a school horse to ride. Who do you pick.
  9. How do you like wear your hair?
  10. Your favorite animal.

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Quiz topic: Which Canterwood Horse am I?