Do you know Canterwood inside and out?

There are people who attend Canterwood, and people who just read about it. Do you know so much that you could attend it? You could be a Canterwood genius, but you'll have to wait and see.

Could you live at Canterwood? Are you Sasha's Best friend? In just a little bit, you will find out if you have what it takes to attend Canterwood or just read about it. So, "Are you a Canterwood Genius? Do you know it inside and out? Let's see!"

Created by: clay34suz
  1. What color are Orchards walls?
  2. What was Paige's recipe for her Teen Cuisine video?
  3. How many brothers does Sasha have?
  4. What is Sasha's mom's name?
  5. In Best Enemies, what does Eric bring from the Sweet shop for Sasha & him?
  6. Does Sasha make the YENT team?
  7. Where does Mr. Conner hide his keys to the arena?
  8. What are Canterwoods colors?
  9. Who is Nicole's horse?
  10. How do Sasha and Callie become friends again in Triple Fault?
  11. What color did Sasha paint her nails at the Trio's sleepover?
  12. What does Jacob do with Sasha on their first 'date'?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Canterwood inside and out?