What Canterwood horse r u?

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In this quiz you could get a result of being Charm,Aristocrat,Black Jack,Trix,Sunstruck,Pheonix or Luna.I hopeyou have fun with this quiz and thought it was fun!!!

Have u ever wondered what canterwood crest horse you would be?well take this quiz and you can find out!There is lots of fun questions in this quiz and i hope you enjoy it!!!

Created by: Horsecrazee8
  1. Out of these breeds what would you rather be
  2. Out of these colors what woul you rather be?
  3. what trait best describes you?
  4. what sport do you think you are or you would do best at?
  5. do you use the words flabbergasted or wicked anymore
  6. whats your fave lip gloss flavor?
  7. If your rider kept kiking u with their spur every step you take because they have that bad habit what would u do?
  8. A cougar is attacking u and ur rider!ur rider fell off from u spooking and is on the ground.what would u do?
  9. if u were an animal for then day what would u be?
  10. why did u take this quiz???

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