If you were a horse, what gender would you be?

If you were a horse, would you be a total slob? Would you be a total germaphobe? By taking this quiz, you can determine how girly or how 'boyish' you'll turn out to be when your a horse!

Do YOU have the guts to know you might be a different gender in horse form? Or what about you'd be a shy horse? Find out by taking the horse gender quiz!

Created by: Whitney
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  1. You've been locked in your stall for DAYS because of the rain. They finally let you out into the pasture! The first thing you see is a large puddle of mud. You..
  2. You just learned you are going on a 2 hour trail ride. You..
  3. There's a new yearling in the pasture! You..
  4. The stablehand just finished filling up the water trough in the pasture. Several horses are hovering around it ready to take the first sips. You..
  5. Uh oh! Your barn owner forgot to give you breakfast, but everybody around you is eating! You..
  6. Your at a show in a flat class, and the horse in front of you is going extremely slow. You..
  7. A little girl is tacking you up and there's a lot of grass near you. What do you do?
  8. Some kid whacks you with a stick for no reason. You..
  9. In your lesson, one of the girls fall off. You...
  10. Your owner gives you a bath the night before a show and expects you to stay perfect. You..

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