Are You Canterwood Crest Genius?

Lots Of People LOVE The Canterwood Crest Series, But Do They Have What It Takes To Pass This Quiz? Find Out! Answer All Of The Questions Correctly And You'll Find Out If You're A True Canterwood Genius!

Are You A Canterwood Crest Genius? Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Canterwood Crest Genius? If You've Been Dying For A Good Canterwood Quiz, You've Come To The Right Place! Take This Awesome Quiz To Find Out If YOU Are A CC Genius!

Created by: Snowy From Ponybox
  1. What Kind Of Personality Does Heather Have?
  2. Who Is Sasha Silver?
  3. What Are The Names Of The Canterwood Horses?
  4. Name Two Of The Canterwood Crest Boys.
  5. What's The Name Of The Canterwood Crest Riding Teacher?
  6. What Is Sasha's Favorite Item?
  7. What Grade Are The Main Canterwood Girls In?
  8. What's The Minimum Grade That The CC Girls Need To Have To Have To Make It To The Regional Show?
  9. Which Girl From The Canterwood Crest Stable Make It To The Advanced Riding Team?
  10. Who Are The Belles?
  11. At What Time Did The Canterwood Demo/Clinic Happen?
  12. What Is The Name Of The Canterwood Girls' Rival? Hint: She Goes To School At Wellington Prep.
  13. What Are The Canterwood Colors?
  14. What's The Name Of Callie's Cat?
  15. Did You Like This Quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I Canterwood Crest Genius?