What kind of rider are you?

Have you ever wondered what kind of rider you are? Even if you don't ride, classifying your type can be fun and important if you choose to one day! Horse back riders are strong, intelligent, and brave. Do you have what it takes?

Answer these questions and find out! Are you an impulsive rider, doing what you wish and being an awesome team with your horse? Or maybe you're a show rider, destined for the limelight. Either way, you'll find out soon enough.

Created by: PandaPowerz
  1. There's a show on thursday, and you're in the barrel racing class. Meanwhile, your horse keeps knocking the barrels over, and from the evil glint in her/his eyes, it might be on purpose
  2. You're riding bareback for the first time. Your trainer says you can do what you want, so cantering sounds very fun. The wind is calling your name.
  3. You're grooming your horse in it's stall when suddenly a new girl walks in. She says she's going to be joining the barn and is planning on leasing a horse.
  4. Your horse somehow shakes it's halter off while it's hooked to the crossties and gets into some hay!
  5. You're riding cross country and another rider comes up. She's riding a black thoroughbred while you're on your brown and white paint. Jealous?
  6. That new girl, Jessica, starts chastising your horse's running!
  7. You're out trail riding when suddenly your horse spooks and bolts because of a rabbit!
  8. That pesky new girl is getting more and more on your nerves. Talking loudly about how many ribbons she's one, yada yada yada.
  9. It's show time! You're lined up outside the ring. What class is it?
  10. You start to walk into the ring when the announcer calls your name.
  11. You're riding out on the trails when Jessica, that new girl, comes speeding by. She endangers both of you by galloping past your horse, kicking up dust on the narrow path.
  12. Final Question (Does affect score!!!!) ------------------------------------------ You're sitting in the barn...

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Quiz topic: What kind of rider am I?