Are you an English or Western rider?

Many people ride horses. Not only that, but there are two different saddles. Western (The Cowboys saddle.) and the English (The jumpers saddle. ) Occasionally there is someone who rides both. Find out what kind of rider you truly are.

Want to know what kind of rider you truly are? Take the test and find out the truth! Only 12 questions and your ready to find out the truth about what rider you are.

Created by: Kikilol12345
  1. Which is more important?
  2. One word. Helmet
  3. Wild or pre trained?
  4. What are your thoughts on English Riding?
  5. What are your thoughts on Western Riding?
  6. What do you wear when you ride?
  7. During the show season, do you wear you hair hidden or out and free?
  8. If you saw a jump what would you do?
  9. Would you EVER be able to rope a cow from your saddle? (Pretend you have experience.)
  10. What do you actually ride?

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Quiz topic: Am I an English or Western rider?