Would You be Better in Western or English?

Are you better in Western, or English? Even though it's a simple question, which do you prefer? Do you know? Looks like you may be in a bit of a pickle, especially if you plan on competing and making a living out of riding!

The question remains! Take this test to see if you'd excel in Western, or English..Even if you already know, you can never be absolutely sure..in a few short questions, you'll know for sure!

Created by: Annie's Girl
  1. If you were to choose one of the following, what would it be?
  2. What are some of the clothes you prefer to wear for riding [lesson; regular practice]
  3. Why do you ride? Besides your love of horses?
  4. Now, for a real question! Which *do* you prefer?
  5. Do you have nice balance?
  6. Which of the following saddles are most comfortable in your opinion?
  7. How often can/do you ride? (per week)
  8. Do you have any preference of what type of bridle you use?
  9. Name these in order [important ones first] in how you value them
  10. What do you want your horse to do?

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