Do You Know Horses?

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Horses and the Western Discipline are a beautiful combination! I have also been studying about the English Discipline, and let me tell you what, Dressage sounds a little harder than Reining.

Do you know much about horses? If not, HRTV is a great TV channel where you can learn about English and Western Riding. I have been riding since I could crawl. And I started out riding bareback, working my way up to Western Riding and then English Riding. There is always something new to learn. Keep studying. :)

Created by: Barrel Racer
  1. If your horse is 14 hands high, then what is it considered?
  2. What is the usual size of a Quarter Horse?
  3. What is a True palomino mark?
  4. True or False: A horse can colic if it drinks a lot of water when it's sweating and breathing hard.
  5. If you are showing in Western Pleasure and your on a Quarter Horse, does the mane have to be cut short and straight?
  6. If you where on a dark colored horse, what would you wear if you where showing it in Western Pleasure?
  7. In Showmanship, is your score based on you or the horse
  8. If a horse has a red ribbon tied to it's tail, what does it mean?
  9. In Halter, what is your score based on?
  10. In Halter, what is your score based on?
  11. In Western Pleasure, is the rider allowed to hold on to the saddle?
  12. When your showing Halter or Showmanship, what halter do you use?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Horses?