How Much Do You Know Horses?

Thanks for choosing my quiz! I hope you're ready to find out how much you know about horses! Horses have been around since the dinosuar age. They, like the alligator, have lived since it!

So. How much to YOU know about horses? Do you know the difference between a pony and a horse? Do you know the colours and breeds? Lets see if you really do!

Created by: arabluv

  1. What is NOT a colour of Horse?
  2. Which is a real type of show?
  3. What is the fastest horse over a quarter mile?
  4. What is America's favorite horse?
  5. What should you NOT feed a horse?
  6. How do you tell a horses height?
  7. How tall was the tallest horse.
  8. What is a small pasture for horses called?
  9. Where do you ride horses?
  10. What is the saddle, bridle and saddle pad called all together?
  11. EXTRA CREDIT! True or False. The tallest horse was a Shire.
  12. ANOTHER EXTRA CREDIT! How hold was the oldest horse?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know Horses?