How much do you know about horses?

Almost everyone has heard of the Thoroughbred, a classic racing horse. But, do you know what a Chincoteague Pony is? Can a palomino horse be registered in a Palomino Registry? Can you name differences in horses? Let's see!

You are about to see how knowledgeable you are about horses! You may know tons about horses--you may even own one or two, like I do. Let's find out how well you do today!

Created by: Grace
  1. How many breeds of horses are there? (Please be honest, guys! Make this fun!! You can learn so much more that way.)
  2. When the Friesian breed almost went extinct awhile ago, how many stallions were left?
  3. When age is the average horse broken at? (Trained to be ridden)
  4. How many teeth does an adult male horse have?
  5. What is a sign of submission for a horse?
  6. Is Palomino a registry?
  7. What is a male horse called that cannot reproduce?
  8. What is the classic, foundation Quarter Horse look like?
  9. The Thoroughbred excels in what?
  10. What breed of pony is often cute but not suited for young children? Adorable, but a bit devilish with a bad reputation for sass and attitude?
  11. When a horse is frightened, it will ...
  12. What is the maximum height measure for a pony?
  13. What does the Friesian horse look like?
  14. What is the color that is all red or orange-ishy with red/orange mane and tail. Looks like a copper penny, may or may not have markings.
  15. What is an average age for an average horse (Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, Paint horse)
  16. What is a racing Thoroughbred's average attitude? (The question is for a Thoroughbred that is currently racing, not a retired TB or one that hasn't ever raced.)
  17. What breed of horse swims across a channel of water every year?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about horses?