Do you know your horse racing?

There are not many people who know much about horse racing, but some people do. Who is someone who loves horse racing? They own horses, the y love horses, they might have even owned or do own a racehorse farm.

Do you seriously know much about horse racing? Do you know so much about horse racing that you can do well on this test? Take this test to find out what you know about horse racing.

Created by: Liz

  1. Who won the 2013 Toyota Bluegrass Stakes?
  2. Which horse is going to be #10 in the 139th Kentucky Derby?
  3. Beholder won the 2013 Kentucky Oaks.
  4. Who won the 2003 Kentucky Derby and now lives at the Kentucky Horse Park?
  5. Animal Kingdom is still competing in races.
  6. Who won the first KY Derby?
  7. How many horses RAN in the first KY Derby?
  8. There were 13 colts and 2 fillies in the first KY Derby.
  9. What was the PURSE for the FIRST Ky Derby?
  10. Royal Delta WON the 2013 Dubai World Cup.

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Quiz topic: Do I know my horse racing?