What Horse Competition Are You?

There are a lot of horse competitions out there. I only chose a few: barrel racing, show jumping, cross country, reining, racing, trail riding, western pleasure.

Make sure to choose the answers the best suit you! If you have a horse in real life, try to get that competition! Hopefully, you get the competition you want! Have fun taking this quiz!! :)

Created by: Lucy
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favorite activity?(Choose the one that fits you)
  2. Do you like to compete in front of crowds?
  3. Do like to compete against others?
  4. Do you like flashy colors? (neon colors, spots, stripes...)
  5. Do you like to practice? How much do you practice?
  6. Do you like endurance sports?
  7. What's your favorite horse breed?
  8. Do you like taking time on a project?
  9. Do you like sports? Which kind?
  10. Are you an inside or outside person?

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Quiz topic: What Horse Competition am I?