Which racehorse are you?

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A racehorse is a special horse with a special discipline. All colts and fillies are armed with spirit, strength, endurance, and speed. Which one are you personally?

Racehorses have traits, obviously. All Thoroughbreds have many quirks--which do YOU own up to? Which horse would you play the role of? What's racing like to "you"?

Created by: StirrupGirl
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  1. If you were a racehorse, you would be...
  2. Which race would you love to run in?
  3. What coating would you have?
  4. I would be so good as to run in a race to...
  5. You would favor a jockey who...
  6. Your title in the sports section would read:
  7. If you were a racehorse, your commonly used phrase would be--
  8. Weird trait about you as a racehorse?
  9. Racing...
  10. If when you were a foal, you had the chance to pick your discipline, you would--

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Quiz topic: Which racehorse am I?