Do you know a lot about horses?

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Ever wanted to know how well you know horses!?! Well in just a few minutes YOU CAN!!! Do you have your horse know-how ready!?! Well let's hope so!!!! Have fun!

I wish you looaasds of luck in this quiz and GET A GOOD SCORE!!!!!!! Well at least try to but if you don't, just remember that there's always room for improvements (unless you got 100%!!!)

Created by: Beaver

  1. [let's start easy] what is the hair on the back of horses necks called?
  2. How many bones do horses have in their body?
  3. what is the name of a black and white coat?
  4. What is the smallest breed of horse/pony?
  5. What breed was the largest horse?
  6. How many different breeds of horses (not ponies) are there?
  7. How fast is the average horse (not pony)?
  8. What is a gelding?
  9. What is a mare?
  10. What is a star (not the ball of gas in space kind)?
  11. What is a stallion?

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Quiz topic: Do I know a lot about horses?