How Well Do You Know The Horse

Horses are beautiful animals and I have never hard ANYBODY say "Eww A Horse!" Horses are so majestic and so wonderful! I personally love horses and some experience to them!!

Do you love the horse! I know I do ! People can hate but that shouldn't change your mind! I love every stinking second with them!! I also want to say thanks!

Created by: Ddrandme

  1. What Three Breeds Are NOT Real?
  2. What Part Of The Body Is Called The "Barrel"?
  3. The Wild Free Horse That Roams Some States Is Called The...?
  4. Unicorns Are "Fictional" Creatures With Which Specification...?
  5. What Do Horses Eat?
  6. Are Horses...
  7. What Is The Main Thing A Horse Needs?
  8. Horses' Coats Fade In The Sun...?
  9. Horses Can And WILL Eat Excessively...?
  10. Horses Like Company And Friends, And Will NOT Travel Alone In The Wild....?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Horse