What type of horse rider are you?

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There are many horse people, but what horse riders are they? What is a horse rider? Well you should know what a horse rider is. But a horse is an evil demon that will eat you if you DONT TAKE THIS QUIZ

So are YOU a reiner, speed rider, cutter, dressage queen, racer, jumper, or recreational rider? You can only imagine. Take this quiz and in a few minutes (or hours you never know) you will find out

Created by: Barbara Higdon of howrse raise virtual horses for free
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  1. You are riding a horse and the horse bolts what do you do?
  2. Now you are a horse. How do you prefer to be groomed every morning?
  3. Still thinking horse. You are in the show arena. You are losing the crowds attention. You...
  4. Now you are back to being human. Your friend is having a birthday party. But it is the same day of a show. What do you do?
  5. Your favorite horse association is?
  6. Your favorite horse breed?
  7. You would ride at...
  8. You have a free day what do you do?
  9. Will you congratulate *qh girl* on howrse.com?
  10. Last question. Which of these would you want to be?

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Quiz topic: What type of horse rider am I?