What Type Of Horse Rider Are You?

This quiz is about (well, very, very, VERY obious) what type of horse rider you ride like. This next paragraph will show you what the possible outcomes will be, and a few hints:

The possible out comes are as the following: Western Rider, Classicial rider, English Rider, and Sexy Rider. Those are in order from greatest to least. If you answer all the questions goofily, you will certianty get Sexy Rider.

Created by: SideOfFries

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  1. If you had $10000 to buy a saddle, What type of the following would it be?
  2. When you buy your horse/pony, you get to chose the breed. What breed would it be? (You have to know your breeds for this one)
  3. When you buy your horse/pony, the seller has every coat of that breed that you could think of. And you chose the...
  4. Riding time. You get 5 choices for your first ride and you choose...
  5. Thuroughbreds are a rank higher horse than the Quarter Horse. (This DOES have an affect)
  6. Is this a good quiz or a bad quiz yet? (little effect)
  7. In barrels, what is the object?
  8. I just now won a trophy for roping. What category is "roping" in?
  9. Where does the horses mane go?
  10. Was that a good quiz or not?

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Horse Rider am I?