What Type of Horse Are You?

To some of us, horses are just tools to be used then discarded. To others, horses are the most beautiful things ever created. Which they are. (obviously!)

Hey, you. Yes, YOU. C'mere. Have you ever wondered what type of horse you are? Well, now you can find out with this easy and accurate quiz! (it's also random, viewer BEWARE!)

Created by: BananaGirl
  1. If you were a horse, what color would your main fur color be?
  2. How agile are you?
  3. Are you competitive?
  4. Do you have a heightened sense of balance?
  5. Are you strong?
  6. Are you built for speed or strength?
  7. Do you have "feathering?"
  8. Do you have a sleek body? (I'm dying of laughter, sorry)
  9. Are you the King/Queen of the Underworld?
  10. Zeus gave birth out of his forehead. Sounds fun, that does!

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Quiz topic: What Type of Horse am I?