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Horses. The amazing creatures that roam the earth. They are grace, they are power, they are speed, they are all the beautiful horses that are with us each day.

But do you know about horses? About their body language? About their behavior? Or most of all, their condition to stay healthy? This quiz will tell you if you really have horsemanship(or horsewoman)in you.

Created by: Star Horseshoe
  1. The piece of tack that connects to the bridle, used to keep a horse from tossing it's head.
  2. Your mare is having a foal,soon after the foal is born, what is she likely going to do?
  3. Which plant out of these ARE good for horses?
  4. You are riding along a busy road, cars were racing past you. You should be wearing-----?
  5. You want to find a great racing horse. Which breed should you choose from these?(note: The Kinsky is a very rare breed, and in real life cost a lot)
  6. You want a pro Show Jumper, which breed out of these is most likely to be your choice?
  7. What are the three branches of the Triple Crown?
  8. Which two breeds is the Anglo-Arabian from?
  9. If you are looking for a good companion horse, which breed out of these should you choose?
  10. You are wanting to enter a show with your American Saddlebred, which area does the AS exceed?
  11. How often should you visit the farrier?
  12. How often should you groom a horse?

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