Which breed of horse are you?

Horses , they are like people. They all have something good and special about them. This is why we can relate to horses and different breeds of horses.

If you were a horse , what kind would you be ? A thoroughbred? A Clydesdale? Take this fun quiz to find out. And who knows , You might learn something new?

Created by: Madeline

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  1. Are you a hard worker , are you willing to work at something new?
  2. Are you calm and easy going , or do you scare easily and jump at things that are`nt there.
  3. Are you just pretty like everyone else , or do you have something a bit unique about you that makes you shine.
  4. What is your favorite trait in yourself.
  5. Do you want some cheesecake?
  6. If you could dress up nicely , what would you wear.
  7. What are you best at?
  8. Do ya like pancakes? Yeah I like Pancakes! Do ya like waffles?
  9. ( almost finished ) Is your glistening mane important to you , your long pretty legs. Nice polka dots maybe? Throbbing muscles?
  10. How did you like the quiz , will you rate it.

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Quiz topic: Which breed of horse am I?