Easy Horse Quiz

This is a horse quiz. Take it and find out how much you know about horses. Do you know the fastest breed? Which colors are which? What order of grooming tools to use?

If you don't know very much about horses, learn some here. If you do, take this quiz and feel really smart! Good luck!

Created by: BrocktheHorse
  1. Which breed is the fastest?
  2. What is a gait?
  3. What is tack?
  4. What is the main diet of a horse?
  5. Why should you tighten the cinch/girth?
  6. Which color describes strawberry roan?
  7. What is colicing?
  8. How do you ask a horse to move forward?
  9. In which order should you use these grooming tools?
  10. Which color describes sorrel?
  11. What is a frog?
  12. Where are the withers located?
  13. Which height qualifies a pony as a pony?
  14. Which color describes buckskin?
  15. Which is NOT a breed?
  16. What is a stallion?
  17. Where does the bridle go?
  18. What is the bit?
  19. Where do you put the saddle pad?

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