Do you ride english or western

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Not everyone rides english or western, but for those who do, this test could be very fun. rember to comment or Rank this test. I hope you have a very great day.

do YOU ride english or western? Find out if I can guss which one you do by taking this amazingly awesome test. It only takes a few minutes of your precious time.

Created by: Horse lover

  1. What kind of horse do you ride?
  2. Do you wear Breeches?
  3. Do you hold the reigns with on hand or two hands?
  4. Are you having fun?
  5. Do you use a rope?
  6. Do you stare up at the stars at night, wondering, will I ever win a jumping compitation.
  7. Would you rather go to a store called Wild West tack shop or all-around english
  8. How long are you on the computer
  9. fruits or veggies?
  10. How is your day going?

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Quiz topic: Do I ride english or western