What kind of Arabian horse are you?

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Arabian horses are capable of performing a variety of disciplines. When a rider chooses which discipline is best, it greatly depends on the personality of the horse.

Find out which discipline you would perform if you were an Arabian horse by taking this quiz. Are you Western or English? Go fast or slow? Find out your talent as an Arabian horse!

Created by: Arabian2015 of Arabian Horse Association
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  1. Which horse activity interests you most?
  2. When you are assigned something you...
  3. What characteristic do you find most appealing about the Arabian Horse?
  4. What would you prefer to wear in the show ring?
  5. What best describes you?
  6. When practicing a new sport, what improvements do you focus on most?
  7. Out of the options below what do you enjoy most?
  8. If you were a horse, which of these would best describe your personality?
  9. You're a horse and you come across a scary plastic bag blowing across your path. How are you most likely to react?
  10. You're a horse and your owner takes you on a trail ride. When you come across a large river and your rider asks you to cross it you...

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Quiz topic: What kind of Arabian horse am I?