What Horse Breed are you?

Have you ever wondered what kind of horse you would be? So many, the world of horses is endless. Dozens and dozens of breeds that are out there, all of them unique.

There are tons to discover, all with different personalities and traits. But which one would YOU be? Would you be a little and fine Arabian or a strong, powerful Shire? Why don't you find out?

Created by: Random Horse
  1. What coat color is your favorite?
  2. Which do you prefer?
  3. Your rider is forcing you to do a course that you do not want to do at all. What do you do?
  4. Which decoration do you like best?
  5. What describes you best?
  6. What kind of a horse would you want?
  7. Your owner puts you in a very dirty stall. What do you do?
  8. You are let in with a foal. What is your form of approach?
  9. Where would you like to be?
  10. What would describe you best?
  11. Which type of tack/riding style do you prefer?

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Quiz topic: What Horse Breed am I?