What Kind Of NationStater Are You?

www.nationstates.net is an online country-simulation game where you get to rule over your own people. Whether you decide to create a utopian paradise of liberty and freedom or a tyrannic hellhole of torture and corruption is entirely up to you.

NationStates therefore attracts a great number of people, many of whom are attracted to the forums, some not. But what aspect of NationStates is it that burns in your soul? Answer a few questions and you will soon find out what you were born for... it's quite possible this is the most important quiz you'll ever take. Go forth, bold adventurer and TICK THOSE BOXES!

Created by: King Siroc of Sirocco's Blog
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How do you resolve your problems?
  2. Would you describe yourself as a fair person?
  3. Who is your favourite NationStates staff member? (If none of these, skip to next question)
  4. What do you primarily like about NationStates?
  5. What do you secondarily like about NationStates?
  6. What do you tertiarily like about NationStates?
  7. How old is your nation?
  8. When posting in the forums, what's the most important thing on your mind?
  9. Talking or action?
  10. Whom do you remember most out of these famous members of NationStates history?
  11. Primarily, what new feature would you like NationStates to have?
  12. Have you read any of Max Barry's books?
  13. Will you play NationStates 2 when it comes out?
  14. Have you ever had an issue accepted or a UN proposal turned into a resolution?
  15. Finally, is [violet] Max Barry?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of NationStater am I?