What Kind of Canine Are You?

Ever wonder what kind of dog you would make? The is a personality aptitude test expressed in terms suited for a dog's life. See if you can find your breed of choice.

Are you a dog? Chances are you're human, but if you want to find out what kind of dog you would make, take this quiz. Find you pedigree. See if you earn a biscuit or a scolding!

Created by: Brandon of Basic Training
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  1. Your owner throws you a ball. What to do?
  2. How do you like to be fed?
  3. How do you socialize with other dogs?
  4. Why do I feel the need to bark?
  5. If I had a choice of tail...
  6. I listen when...
  7. The last time I had an accident was because...
  8. How to describe me in one word.
  9. Can I see well at night?
  10. Which celebrity would you want to own you?
  11. Describe your intellect...

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Canine am I?