What dog breed are you?

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This quiz will tell who you might of been if not for Adam and Eve ,i f you were born a canine no a human,a dog is loyal and loving,but now we know who you would of been.

Are YOU a loving pal,prove it with this quiz,Until now all you could do was guess,but thanks to this quiz you know,in just a few short minutes,could save your life!

Created by: Amy
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  1. You are choosing a Daytime activity,what will you choose
  2. If you were attacked by a big strong man with a gun,asking for all your money,what would you do?
  3. Your owner tells you to sit then spin,you know how to do this,but it is apparent the human has no treats,what will you do?
  4. Your owner is talking to a human friend on the phone and you have to go potty,how do you get their attention?
  5. Do you want pups?
  6. Now we are humans again,Yay You have 50 Bucks,how do you spend it
  7. Dogs again! Your sport of choice is...
  8. We are now lions at a zoo The trainer comes in for your first ever show and you...
  9. Humans again You have been described as...
  10. Human Your best friend is..
  11. Dogs Again You can spend hours...
  12. You are know far and wide for...
  13. Your fav food is

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Quiz topic: What dog breed am I?