Are you secretly a dog?

A dog is man's best friend and everybody wants to be that carefree, loving, beautiful animal. Dogs are known for their loyalty and their passion for chasing their tail and meeting new people.

But have you ever wondered... "Am I a dog???" Do you howl at the moon? Do you ever flip out when somebody throws a ball? Would you rather dig in to a pie or some left over chicken bones? You might be a dog?

Created by: Find out if you are a dog

  1. You see a cat.
  2. You see a standing object (tree, human, fire hydrant, car) etc..
  3. You are having dinner.
  4. You see a dog.
  5. What are you wearing?
  6. What makes you happy?
  7. What color is your favorite?
  8. A buddy shouts at you.
  9. It's a sock.
  10. A car?
  11. Describe a tree to me.
  12. Grass?
  13. It's hot.
  14. You are wearing a shirt.
  15. Your boss tells you to go get something.
  16. You have children.
  17. What are you doing?

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Quiz topic: Am I secretly a dog?