What Salad Topping best represents the real you?

Salad. A staple of the culinary lexicon. Fresh, healthy, and sometimes tasty... The Salad is as reliable to the dinner table as a slice of fresh bread.

That being said, Our panel of experts has learned that certain salad toppings correlate to certain personality traits. Crazy, we know. Take this quiz to find out which topping best represents you.

Created by: quiztester1

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  1. Salads have lots of green, and not all lettuce are alike. Which is your favorite salad lettuce?
  2. One can often spruce up a salad with some fruit. What kind of fruit do you like to add?
  3. With a little protein, a salad can move from being a side dish to an entrée. What kind of meat do you like to add?
  4. Cheese can often make or break a salad. What kind of cheese do you add?
  5. Cheddar cheese is made throughout the US. Which state produces the best cheddar?
  6. Cheddar is one of the harder cheeses, but there is a whole class of soft smelly cheeses. Which smelly cheese do you prefer?
  7. If you don’t know any of the cheeses listed above, get thee to a Whole Foods. There you will be in cheese heaven. There is also a wide variety of olives to be found at whole foods, a whole bar dedicated to the Mediterranean delight. Which country do you think produces the most olives?
  8. There are plenty of salads around that don’t use lettuce, which one do you prefer?
  9. There are some salads that are linked to where they are from, which would you order from the appetizer menu?
  10. There are some salads that defy the name salad. Which of these salads catches your fancy?
  11. Speaking of Jello, there are also some puddings that truly encapsulate the name pudding. Which concoction do you prefer?
  12. No salad would be complete without dressing- which dressing do you ask for?

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