How Healthy Are You Eating?

Lots of people believe they're eating healthy when they really are not. Like seriously, did you really think all that cheese and dressing still meant your salad was healthy? Nope!

Time to test if you're healthy and your knowledge of being healthy! Let's see if you are eating as healthy as you thought you were...maybe you are maybe you aren't!

Created by: Skullkittehs
  1. What does your dinner plate usually look like?
  2. If you were to make a fruit smoothie, what would you put in it?
  3. Choose the healthiest option
  4. You find yourself at the cookie jar, grabbing a cookie. Before you bite into it your thoughts and actions are...
  5. True or false. Because the food is healthy, I can eat a lot more of it without consequences
  6. True or False? Because the label says organic, it automatically means it's healthy.
  7. True or False? It is okay to eat an unhealthy meal or snack once a week.
  8. Let's say you have diabetes, out of all these options which one could you actually eat?
  9. What are your snacks usually made up of?
  10. Let's say you're at a Christmas party and you're really hungry but you want to stay healthy. What would be the best option at the snack table?
  11. You find yourself binging (over eating) on sweets, what now?
  12. You eat when...
  13. True or false? Carbs and fat are very bad for you.
  14. True or false? How healthy you are is determined by how much you weigh and how much fat is visible.
  15. How many servings of vegetables do you have per day?
  16. You're all out of meat and you need protein, what are some ways to get protein?
  17. How often do you treat yourself?
  18. Do you read labels
  19. Is dark chocolate healthy?
  20. Do you skip meals

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