What Ingredients Make Your Perfect Salad?:

Hey there, chefs! Have you ever wondered what ingredients would put together a salad fit for your personality? This quiz will tell you just what those ingredients are!

Are you quirky, spunky, and fun? Maybe your salad will take a few twists and turns...Are you simple and classic? Maybe your salad will be classical just like you!

Created by: xendocheionology
  1. What is your favorite color (of these)?
  2. How many siblings do you have?
  3. Can you do a backbend?
  4. Do you have a Club Penguin, Facebook, Webkinz, Twitter, Oovoo, or Skype account?
  5. Would you call yourself BORING?
  6. Hello
  7. If you are a girl and not already a member of GTQ, what would your username be?
  8. Which Hogwarts House is your favorite?
  9. Did you like my quiz?
  10. Will you rate and comment?

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Quiz topic: What Ingredients Make my Perfect Salad?: