Click Here To See If You Are Certified To Be Ghetto

Have you ever wondered if you were certified of being ghetto? This quiz will tell you. 85% ghetto or more means that you are certified. 84% or less means that you are not completely ghetto.

Thank you so much for taking my quiz. Please rate and comment, nothing nasty, and recommend this quiz to everyone you know if you like it. Both genders are also welcome to take the rest of my quizzes. The best ones are probably "Are You A Normal Girl? (Also for guys, just change the questions around)", "What Ingredients Make Your Perfect Saldad?", "Are You A Stranger to Yourself?" and "I Have A Feeling This Will Make The Top 40".

Created by: xendocheionology

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you live in "the slums"?
  2. Do you own at least ONE pimp hat?
  3. Do you have one gold chain that you wear day and night?
  4. Do you have a Brooklyn accent/attitude?
  5. Are you mad that they're renovating Coney Island?
  6. Are you white (no racist harm)?
  7. Have you ever been raped by a neighbor on a street corner?
  8. Do you use a cuss word in every single sentence?
  9. Do you drink?
  10. Do you do drugs?

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