A Certified IQ Test

Hiey, here's a quiz on everything from the stars to yaks, science to myths... here is a collection of everything you need to know :) Obviously it isn't a real iq quiz (what does certified even mean??) but it's all for fun.

I just created it because I was bored, and I hope it cures your boredom for about 2 minutes. Have fun finding out whether you're a genius or whether you are mentally challenged!

Created by: Izzy

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  1. What colour is yak's milk?
  2. What colour is yak's milk?
  3. What natural disaster can cause a tsnami?
  4. Which is gramatically correct?
  5. Which word has the closest meaning to "trustworthy"?
  6. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer what character had a scar through their eyebrow?
  7. What President did Marilyn Monroe sing to?
  8. What does the gall bladder store?
  9. Which is the correct Shakespeare quote? The course of true love...
  10. What percent of the earth is covered in water, approx?
  11. When were/are blackholes created?
  12. What is a sphinx?
  13. Which of these is NOT a mythic way to ward off vampires?
  14. What is it called when a moon is getting bigger?
  15. A graphic tablet allows you to...
  16. In ActionSript what is the most commonly used command?
  17. What is the 3rd most common letter after E & T?

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