Device controlled by Another

There are many expectations of a slave. What kind of slave are you? Find out if you are in need of trainning! so we can match you with someone that you can handle. Get started right away!

So you think you have what it takes to be dominated by a nationally accredited certified dominatrix? Well test your submissive side and see if you qualify to be dominated by the best of the best!

Created by: poison32

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  1. Can you submite yourself completely?
  2. Are you a very hard worker: somebody who works hard, in bad conditions?
  3. Are you a very hard worker: somebody who works hard, in bad conditions?
  4. Are you somebody who meekly accepts being ruled by somebody else?
  5. Have you ever been dominateded by a nationally certified dominatrix?
  6. what is your age
  7. what is your gender?
  8. somebody who is forced to work for somebody else for no payment and is regarded as the property of that person
  9. would you ever thank your master/mistress?
  10. could you bow to, acquiesce, give in to, yield to, surrender to your master/mistriss

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