How much you know about SAMSUNG E Series

This time, The recent time is compleatly controlled by science and technology. Cellphone has taken a large part here. And day by day it's coming nearer by it's verious advantages. We should know about it at least ordinary knowledges. Let's see how much you know about some of those popular device!

How much you know about cellular devices? Never think it is just about a single device. These are popular and common. And those information will be required, May be universal! Afterall a wonderful thing to check yourself!

Created by: Shakil
  1. What kind of operating system system is in SAMSUNG E series?
  2. What kind of apps are supported by E Series?
  3. Which device from following is folder?
  4. What is the universal IMEI code?
  5. Most of the E series devices are
  6. E series supports-
  7. What kind of communicator used in E Series for data transfering?
  8. What is clone of SAMSUNG D 500?
  9. What type of platform requires E series?
  10. Samsung E series has product quantity within-

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