Pendragon Books

Many people are big fans of the Pendragon Series but not all can remember all the small details to the story. Can you remember them? Find out from this quiz!

Do you know everything about the Pendragon Series? Do you have good enough memory? Find out by answering only 14 questions if you know the Pendragon Series or not!!!

Created by: Anonymousperson

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  1. Who are Bobby's best friends?
  2. In book 8, which traveler kisses Bobby on the lips?
  3. Where is Patrick from?
  4. Which of the following is not one of the territories of Hala?
  5. What is book 8's name?
  6. Who of the following has been manipulated by Nevva Winter?
  7. What color is Courtney's eyes?
  8. Why does Saint Dane want to change Halla?
  9. How do you go to another territory?
  10. What is an ability that travelers have?
  11. When does Bobby meet Loor?
  12. FINAL QUESTION: Who stutters a lot?

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