Are you addicted to electronics?

In a world full of macs, pc's, razyrs, chocolates, nanos, wii's, and so much more, are you hopelessly addicted? Is your life controlled by the latest electronics? Take this quiz to find out.

Do you spend your entire life controlled by electronics? How bad is your addiction? You may be surprised at how bad your addiction is. So, take this quiz to see if your life revolves around the world of electronics.

Created by: Jane
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  1. How much TV do you watch a day....on average?
  2. How much do you talk on your cell phone a day?
  3. What is your texting plan?
  4. How many game systems do you have?
  5. How do you listen to music?
  6. How many hours do you spend on the internet a day?
  7. How many sites on the internet do you belong to? (for example: myspace, youtube....)
  8. What do you use your computer for?
  9. How fast can you type?

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Quiz topic: Am I addicted to electronics?