Are you a big guido???

A guido is a special person, usually from NJ or NY...kinda crazy, they have a unique style, and they make a scene wherever they go...I'm one and I want to know if you're one too

So, Lets Find Out...Are you a big guido, little guido, or not one at all...This test is completely scientific in its assessment and all results are certified accurate...LOL

Created by: bigD
  1. Honestly, How much gel you got in your hair right now???
  2. If you could buy a car tomorrow, what would it be?
  3. Alright...someone just said, put in a CD, what one do u grab?
  4. How close are you to NJ or NY?
  5. If someone says, Yea Bro, Im on cycle...what does that mean?
  6. In the previous question, what is MDW?
  7. Alright, the club just let out...where we goin?
  8. Where do you stay down the shore?
  9. Alright you can only work out one muscle group for the rest of your life...what is it?
  10. Alright real quick, which gym do you go to...
  11. Do you get your eyebrows waxed?
  12. Quick, you just saw someone you know, across the do you get their attention?
  13. You grab your balls?
  14. What nationality are you?
  15. Last question, its Sunday, not goin out, hangin with the family...whats in the kitchen and whats on TV

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Quiz topic: Am I a big guido???