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If you want to pass a certified food managers exam- this is the quiz for you! Well- one of 4 of them anyway. You should know this stuff even if you don't want to pass an exam. This is IMPORTANT STUFF!

Food is the most important single thing in every person's life. If you are a food service worker, you NEED to know this stuff or run the risk of being a "foodicular" homicidal maniac :) Let's find out if you know your stuff!

Created by: Gracie DeBrock

  1. What is the cooking temperature of a pork chop?
  2. The minimum cooking temp of a hamburger patty is?
  3. Fish used in Sushi or in dishes served raw must be?
  4. You are making macaroni and cheese with ham bits. The ham is leftover from yesterday's special. What is the cooking temperature of the final product?
  5. The entity that writes the model food code is?
  6. The "Big 5" in the employee health policy includes?
  7. A corrective action is sometimes a necessary step in what type of operating procedure?
  8. Who is NOT necessarily at risk with IMMUNE deficiencies in these food safety situations?
  9. Tofu is...
  10. The cooking temp of poultry is?
  11. The cooking temp for raw vegetables that are going to be hot held is...
  12. When an employee has reported having symptoms like diarrhea or vomiting, what must a manager do?
  13. Food left without temperature control must be thrown out after?
  14. Bacterial growth almost doubles at what temperature?
  15. Whole uncut produce has a REQUIRED receiving temperature of?
  16. What is not an acceptable method of thawing food?
  17. When cooling food, the temperature must reach 70 degrees within how many hours?
  18. Jaundice is a symptom of which of the "Big 5"?
  19. The new ALERT system designed for food protection relates to what?
  20. The cooking temperature of duck is?
  21. There are three types of hazard categories in food safety.
  22. What is the logo/brand found on approved food safety equipment?
  23. An allergic food reaction is the body's negative response to a particular food _____
  24. A food-borne illness is considered an OUTBREAK after how many people have reported illness from eating the same food?
  25. What is the maximum receiving temperature of eggs?

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