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The first ever series of Transformers toys features twenty-eight characters in all; eighteen Autobots and ten Decepticons. Of these, eleven of the Autobots transform into cars, six of the Autobots transform into minicars, and one of the Autobots transforms into a tractor trailer truck, while three of the Decepticons transform into planes, five of the Decepticons transform into microcassettes, one of the Decepticons transforms into a microcassette recorder, and one of the Decepticons transforms into a gun

Optimus Prime is the Autobot Commander and transforms into a tractor trailer truck, specifically a Freightliner COE 1980. The toy consists of three separate parts while in its robot form; the main figure, which transforms from the cabin of the truck, an Autobot Headquarters, which transforms from the tractor trailer, serves as a combat deck, and includes a mechanic/artillery robot, and a small scout car named Roller, which launches from the Autobot Headquarters

Created by: astrotrain

  1. Which Decepticon remained on Cybertron as it's guardian?
  2. Which autobot was responsible for crashing the Decepticons second ship at the end of the pilot series.
  3. Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp were known as what?
  4. Bumblebee changed his name to what at the end of Season 3.
  5. Which Decepticon Triple Changer did not end up becoming a traitor?
  6. In what episode did Sandstorm first appear (Based off the Chronological order of the story line)
  7. Dr. Arkeville used what to take control of human minds?
  8. Which five characters are the Terracons?
  9. In The episode call of the Primitives, what was the energy monster that Primacron created?
  10. Warpath, Blitzwing and Brawl were all capable of transforming into what?
  11. Which guardian robot was a member of the Autobots?
  12. Which of these is not one of Soundwave's tapes?
  13. In the episode Desertion of the Dinobots, what was the only Dinobot to escape Shockwave's drones.
  14. In the episode Triple Takeover, who did Blitzwing promise a share in leadership with in exchange for the construction of a highway maze?
  15. which is the correct list of all the transformers the ghost of starscream possessed in the episodes Starscream's Ghost, and Ghost in the machine?
  16. In the Big Broadcast of 2006, what were the Quintessons trying to take from Junkion?
  17. In the episode Sea Change, what was rumble transformed into by the magic pool.
  18. In the episode Blaster Blues who was the Voltronic Galaxer entrusted to, after Megatron stole it.
  19. In Auto-Bop Tracks and Blaster discovered Sound wave was using what to take control of people at the Danceitron.
  20. By far, which Transformers Season had the most episodes?
  21. Which Transformer was attempting to destroy earth in the episode Countdown to extinction?
  22. Which of these is an Insecticon?
  23. Who replaced Optimus Prime as Leader in Season 3

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