Transformers: Who's Your Guardian

Many people know what transformers is so you can probably figure these questions out... This is from the human series btw... I have 5 vs 2 on the teams btw...

I'm a very very very addicted transformers geek so don't say that I know nothing about transformers because of my dumb questions... Sometimes I just want to have fun... DON'T JUDGE ME I'M SURE YOU HAVE DONE IT IN YOUR LIFE TOO!!!

Created by: Princess
  1. Purple... Red...
  2. Would you sing in front of a lot of people, a small amount of people, or nobody?
  3. Would you dance in front of a lot, a little, or nobody?
  4. If you saw someone hanging off of a cliff, what would u do?
  5. Fill in the blank I _____ Earth and it's people.
  6. If a person was being bullied would you...
  7. Would you be loyal to your team and leader?
  8. Favorite color? (If I don't name it pick your fav out of the six and btw this has nothing to do with the quiz)
  9. Pattern choice
  10. Vehicle?
  11. How tall are you? (Around)

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Quiz topic: Transformers: Who's my Guardian