How fat are you?

Many people are confused about how fat they really are. But hopefully this quiz will help you to understand how fat YOU are. And also hopefully help you to make the right choices when on a diet.

How fat are you? Do you have the ability to overlook a chocolate pudding and go for a fruit salad instead? Well thanks to my quiz you can now find out 'HOW FAT YOU ARE'

Created by: QuizzGirl
  1. How often do you do physical activities?
  2. what do you generally have for breakfast?
  3. when you look down from standing up what can you see?
  4. do you enjoy sports?
  5. What would you do on a ordinary weekend?
  6. do people say your fat?
  7. what happens when you walk up a flight of stairs?
  8. what would you eat for dinner on an ordinary evening?
  9. If you could only chose one type od desert to eat for the next 3 weeks, which would it be?
  10. What did you think of my quizz?

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Quiz topic: How fat am I?