Are You Anorexic?

Some people are just not good to themselves. With drugs, alcohol, and other problem items, people are hurting only themselves and their families "” one of the biggest of these problems is anorexia. Anorexia is not eating enough, or starving yourself to look "good". The truth is, anorexics NEVER look good. They look inhuman and starved. This problem affects people of all ages and races.

Maybe that "diet" is an example of anorexia! A diet and anorexia are two different things, so how can we tell them apart? That's what this quiz is made for, and it provides help for the anorexics who take it.

Created by: munnyalert123
  1. What's your favorite sport?
  2. Do your friends say you're too thin?
  3. Do your friends say you're too thin?
  4. Do you care about how you look?
  5. Are you being honest? No one will ever know. This is to help you.
  6. How much do you weigh about (w/ age)?
  7. Relax. Have you ever practiced anorexia?
  8. It's okay. How many inches is your right arm (all around)? Wrap a tape measurer around it and see what you get.
  9. Do you trust me?
  10. Just answer as good as you can. Please. Do you think you are too fat?
  11. What age can people pick you up at with their bare hands?
  12. Would you try to stop anorexia?
  13. One more question "” What would people call you in one word?

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Quiz topic: Am I Anorexic?