Do you have Anorexia?

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Hello! If you’re here you’re either worried or eager to prove something - if you do or do not suffer Anorexia Nervosa! Do remember - this is a mental illness, and can kill.

Don’t worry about your score though! You haven’t gotten it yet, and until then worrying is unnecessary - besides, it might not be as bad as you think.

Created by: Bubbles
  1. Do you find yourself obsessing over your weight?
  2. When you look in the mirror, which do you think?
  3. Is it necessary to weigh yourself?
  4. Do you find yourself obsessing over what you eat?
  5. When it comes to eating, do you ever hide food so friends/family believe you’ve eaten?
  6. Do you ever chew food, but refuse to swallow?
  7. If given the option, what would you choose?
  8. After eating, do you find yourself thinking things like: ‘I can’t believe you ate that’ ‘you’ll be fat now’ ‘you’re disgusting’?
  9. Are you comfortable when eating becomes a topic when talking with friends/family?
  10. When people ask you to eat do you feel angry/upset toward them?
  11. Do you fear weight gain?
  12. Have you been anorexic before?
  13. If you found out you might be anorexic would you...?
  14. After recovery would you be willing to relapse?
  15. Finally; do you find yourself untrusting of others opinions toward your weight, if they comment you are skinny/thin or agree when they comment you are chubby/getting fat?

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Quiz topic: Do I have Anorexia?