What level of mental illness do you have?

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Would you like to know if you have some mental illness or not? Answer only 10 questions Try to be honest in your answers no matter how bad or embarrassing they seem

This test is simple and its results are not entirely realistic but it is OK if you believe it a little, avoid placing neutral answers frequently Good luck

Created by: Yossor Owidah
  1. Are you trying not to hurt people on your way to achieving your goals?
  2. How would you feel if I said a word that hurt someone's feelings?
  3. I lie to make some things easier
  4. Are you a passionate person ?
  5. Have you ever taken things that are not belonging to you without their permission?
  6. Is your childhood happy?
  7. Are you a fictional person and always talk about dreams?
  8. Have you ever thought of hitting someone offended you?
  9. When the teacher asks, were you the first to raise his hand to answer?
  10. Do you speak strongly and confidently or ashamed and shy

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Quiz topic: What level of mental illness do I have?