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A mental health is a wide range of conditions that affect mood, thinking, and behavior. It can affect people on a state from not really affecting them to badly making them be affected and eventually deciding to do harm to theirself.

Remember that you don't ever have to take this very effectively, as it is just a quiz, but I suggest that you do take it somewhat seriously because it is very accurate results.

Created by: Frostburst
  1. Have you ever felt sad in the past days, or two weeks?
  2. Do you have unusual aggressive mood swings just for no reason or out of nowhere?
  3. Are you unable to socialize with many people or even just have unexpecting reactions to sounds or more things?
  4. Do you recall one time feeling so sad that you couldn't do any simple tasks?
  5. Have you ever felt loss of interest in your daily activities and have low motivation?
  6. Do you ever have difficulty falling or staying asleep or just not feel well-rested at any time of the day?
  7. Did you ever just sit or lay down just anywhere and do that for many of hours?
  8. Have you ever just felt literally nothing inside or outside of your body?
  9. For the past two weeks, have you had the persistent feeling of sadness, having sucidial thoughts, or even just thinking of killing yourself?
  10. How do you think you made on this quiz about having a mental illnes or depression? [NO EFFECT]

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